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How it all started.

Hey there!

So I guess this is where I tell you what inspired all this… As you can imagine, pain did. I came to New York to further my education nearing my forties after a divorce. To accommodate for my (ex)husband’s career, I lived in an area where I could not advance my own due to visa restrictions for just about the previous ten years. I accepted for my family. Fast-forward sixteen years, my marriage came to an end. My career break from the 9-5 workplace took a toll on me. I had no money, I could not have custody of my children, and eventually, I had to relocate away from them and incur debt to further my education and find a job.

I have experienced first-hand the effects of financial strain, emotional and financial bankruptcy, and the difficulty of retraining mid-life. Near breakdown one cold winter night I vowed to prevent others from going through the same ordeals. Balancing work and life should be more manageable. No one should ever have to sacrifice being in the presence of loved ones in the moments that matter. On Ealai, you can now find the support and opportunities to build flexibility into your career without sacrificing your competitiveness and maneuver any uncertainty or difficulty with greater ease. Welcome to Ealai. Our team and network is here to support you. Start building your professional reputation today and network within a community that truly cares.

Seek & Soar,

Zina Mahayni

Founder & CEO

Our values and principles.

The founding principles of Ealai’s community are the “Principle of Determined Futurity” and the “Principle for Interconnectedness.” Through social engagement, we entice and reward commitment to learning & growth. We safeguard our principles with four values. These values set the foundations necessary for effective remote, digital, cross-border, and cross-generational interactions. They are embedded within our platform and organizational culture to help our members bridge the geographical, cultural and mental limits that do not serve our evolutionary growth.


Determined Futurity​




Global Mindset

Ability to understand and maneuver cultural differences to drive growth.

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Community Care

Community-focus allowing people to do good through everyday choices.


Growth Mindset

Commitment to personal growth and development.



Active, shared, responsibility of maintaining security of information.

Our team.


Zina Mahayni



Habib Driouch

Chief Operations Officer


Ammar Azzem

Business Development


Larry Trotter II



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