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Our Vision.

Welcome to globalization 4.0, brought to you by the fourth phase of industrialization.  Our world is now exponential and global. The workplace is undergoing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) at a time where talent is globally dispersed, scarce, and hard to retain. As a result, the skills mismatch gap is widening, causing a shift towards on-demand hiring and the need to adopt modern talent management systems. The new playground calls for new rules. The competitiveness of organizations rests on the skills, flexibility, and resilience of the talent that it comprises. It rests on their ability to work, create, and operate in hybrid work environments with people of different cultures, geographies, and mentalities.

Our Solutions.

We have just the solutions for you. Ealai is a novel network-based system designed to ease the recruitment and hiring process, to support and enhance the capabilities of people in your pipelines, and align them to the needs of your organization as we transition.


Assess soft-skill fitness,
strengths, and attributes.


Test aptitude at low risk with short term projects.


Give need-based support of experts.


To assess the competency of potential employees, you need an understanding of their knowledge, skills, traits and attributes. Beyond simply providing you transparency of their technical skills and experience, Ealai members openly share their main traits, soft skills, passions, and attributes. Our members want to be seen for who they are; talented, driven, and hungry for growth. Position yourself strategically and leverage from the novel transparency of our emerging global community. 


 The way we work is changing. As we move away from the 9-5 model and towards that of on-demand, both new hires and mid-managers need to develop collaborative skills to breed creativity and foster productivity within the new workplace dynamics. With Ealai, you can gauge the abilities of your potential hires within remote internships and short-term projects to find out their true limitations, strengths, and capabilities. With Ealai, you can also hire consultants, mentors, and coaches or choose from our clubs to help them complement their technical skills with just the right soft skills for effective collaborations and maximum innovation. 


Build your own community of vetted on-demand alumni talent. Inform, train, and incentivize them using means that are bound to ease their integration, increase their satisfaction, and ensure their loyalty. Our community uses gaming and social engagement best practices to entice and reward a quality interchange of transferrable skills; thereby exponentially increasing intellectual capital.

Subscription-based model.

First month free for early adopters!
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Don’t miss your opportunity to hire la crème de la crème and make sure they don’t end up in the ranks of your competitors. Talent is scarce. Wherever talent may be, with Ealai you can find them, gauge their fitness, enhance their alignment to your needs, drive their engagement, and ensure their loyalty to YOUR team.